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Public Outreach and Presentations

05/ January 22, 2021

UCSB Earth Research Institute

Do we include this US presentation?

04/ January 21, 2021 - ongoing

Federal University of Rondonia (UNIR)

Trent Biggs from San Diego State University met virtually with professors and students from UNIR to discuss research and experiential learning opportunities for UNIR students. These meetings will continue as the partnership develops.

03/ December 11, 2020

Brazilian Academy of Science (ABC) Leadership Workshop

Jill Caviglia-Harris and Thais Santiago led a leadership workshop called "The Six Dimensions of Collective Leadership: Explanation and Applications" for participants in the Brazilian Academy of Science's Scientific Mentors online workshop series.

02/ August 2, 2019


Team members Erin Sills, Fernando Hungaro, Fernanda Candido, Geovanni Felippe Silva, and Marin Skidmore presented preliminary data at the Secretaria da Agricultura, Pecuária, Irrigação, Pesca e Aquicultura on Friday, August 2, 2019. Both SEAGRI and EMATER attended.

01/ July 4, 2019

Brazilian Center for Weather Forecasting and Climate Studies (CPTEC)

Co-PI Fernando de Sales presented the motivation, objectives, and methods of our project with a focus on subproject 1 (deforestation and regional climate of Rondonia) to other climate scientists and graduate students.

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