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Researcher Profile: Mariana Vedoveto

Edited by Corrie Monteverde

Mariana Vedoveto's headshot
PhD Student: Mariana Vedoveto

The Connections between Water and Rural Production project (CAP) investigates whether and which farmers adapt their production systems when they experience water variability, what adaptations they make, and whether these adaptations reduce income losses when droughts occur. Improved understanding of these feedbacks will inform efforts by government agencies and civil society to help farmers respond to water scarcity. This researcher profile is based on the background and accomplishments of one of its newest members, Mariana Vedoveto.

Mariana is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at North Carolina (NC) State University. She is focusing her studies on impact evaluation, rural development, and environmental economics. Before joining the Ph.D. program, Mariana worked as a researcher for a think tank in the Brazilian Amazon and developed publications that informed policies and programs on forest conservation and sustainable development. She also managed projects in Peru and Bolivia with a focus on equipping indigenous organizations, rural communities, and regional governments with tools to confront deforestation and enhance livelihoods. Mariana is native to Brazil and received a B.A. in Forest Engineering from the University of São Paulo, a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University, and a Master of Public Policy from Duke University.

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